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5 Jun

Sebastian Junger - In My Time of Dying

Jun 5th, 7pm

The award winning war reporter and bestselling author of Tribe and The Perfect Storm shares his near death experience and the profound existential reckoning that followed.


The House of Koko, NW1 1TP

6 Jun

Global Drugs Crisis

Jun 6, 6pm

From Southeast Asia’s hidden drug empires to the battlefields of Syria and the streets of Britain, learn how global and regional conflicts shape the drug trade and vice versa. This event promises deep insights into one of the most pressing issues of our time, examining the nexus between international policy, regional conflicts, and the global narcotics market.


The Conduit


Chris Morris


Patrick Winn

The World

Emma Beals

European Institute for Peace

Max Daly

Vice News

27 Jun

The Human Cost of Russia's War

Jun 27th, 6pm

When Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, millions of lives changed in an instant.

Millions of people were suddenly on the move. In this great flow of people was a reporter from the north of Scotland. Jen Stout left Moscow abruptly, ending up on a border post in southeast Romania, from where she began to cover the human cost of Russian aggression. Stories from the night trains, birthday parties, military hospitals and bunkers: stories from the ground, from a writer with a deep sense of empathy, always seeking to understand the bigger picture, the big questions of identity, history, hopes and fears in this war in Europe.


Ukrainian Cathedral


Lindsey Hilsum

9 Jul

Politics on the Edge

Jul 9, 6pm

This event promises a captivating dialogue between two seasoned voices in politics and journalism, offering unique insights into global affairs and the art of storytelling amidst the unfolding of history.

Rory Stewart in conversation with Clarissa Ward, CNN's Chief International Correspondent.


The Conduit


Clarissa Ward



European Elections

Mujtaba Rahman, Simon Wilson, Kim Sengupta.

Part of the World Briefing series on #elections2024.

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20 Years in Afghanistan

Andrew North in conversation with Ramita Navai.

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India, Turkey, USA

Alpa Shah, Alexander Christie-Miller, Leslie Vinjamuri and Simon Wilson.

Part of the World Briefing series.

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War in Gaza

Ramita Navai, Richard Spencer, Liz Sly and Chris Morris.

Senior correspondents discuss the latest news and examine the reporting of this conflict, which has seen more than 30,000 peopled.illed.

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This is War

Corinne Dufka, Matthew Mpoke Bigg, Nima Elbagir and Lindsey Hilsum.

Forever wars and the role of war reporting and its ability to generate empathy beyond the lens.

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Ukraine War

Yaroslav Trofimov in conversation with Lindsey Hilsum.

Bringing together senior foreign correspondents and experts to discuss the big news stories of 2024.

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Negotiating with the Devil

Pierre Hazan, Claire Hajaj, Chris Morris.

Bringing together senior foreign correspondents and experts to discuss the big news stories of 2024.

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World Briefing 2024

Simon Wilson, Liz Sly, Ravi Mattu, Michael Bociurkiw.

Bringing together senior foreign correspondents and experts to discuss the big news stories of 2024.

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The Hong Kong Protests

Chung Ching Kwong, Stephen Vines, Chris Morris.

Three years after the protest in Hong Kong ended, authorities continue to punish those involved.

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Spy Wars

Calder Walton, Isabel Hilton. Neil Barnett, Dr. Andreas Krieg, Siama Mohsin.

A discussion on gloabl intelligence and national security.

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The Venues

The Conduit Club,

Covent Garden, London

Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, London



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